Happy Thanksgiving from the Independent Colleges and Universities of New Jersey

Nov 24, 2021

Each year, student after student expresses the difference an Independent Colleges and Universities of New Jersey administered scholarship made in their life. Sponsored programs introduce innovations, assist in acquiring equipment and bring the talent pipeline closer to students. For some students, the assistance bridges an overwhelming financial gap between a semester and degree completion. For others, it opens the door with the gift of time to connect the classroom gained knowledge to the real world. Still more find a network of like-minded thinkers in their scholarship or program sponsors. Each gift uniquely helps the next researcher, accountant, nurse, entrepreneur, teacher, behavioral scientist, doctor, lawyer or community leader find their individual career path. Giving back and paying it forward are simple concepts that too often are left for others to execute. Your generosity and willingness to stand out from the crowd to make a difference has changed lives. On behalf of the students, faculty and campus leaders who see the benefits of your charity each day, thank you.

Wishing you endless reasons to be thankful.