ICUNJ Sponsorship Matters


“An investment in knowledge always pays the best interest.”

— Benjamin Franklin


Earning a college degree starts with an interest or passion which needs to be developed and nourished to result in a college education fully realized and a graduate ready to conquer the world. Attending a private college is a choice every student should have when considering institutions of higher education. For many students, the option is not even considered because the cost of attendance appears to be insurmountable. Despite generous institutional awards to significantly offset college expenses, many students continue to struggle with financial balances that can impact achievement or even derail the pursuit of a degree. Over 95% of the enrolled students are dependent upon some form of financial aid. Donors make the difference. ICUNJ has administered scholarships on behalf of their donors for over 70 years. Scholarships that address the financial stresses of attending college, promote student focus on their educational endeavors and enable students to persist to degree completion.

Our donors contribute to degrees by recognizing the value of providing financial support for scholarships, special programs that expand a student’s world view and the opportunities available to them, and research projects on topics from sleep patterns to fish migration, and homeopathic medicines to sustainability. Donor support assures students they are not alone in their efforts to earn a degree. People from small businesses to large corporations are investing in their futures because it pays the best interest.


I wanted to use this opportunity to thank you and the entire staff of ICUNJ for organizing such an amazing event yesterday (Undergraduate Research Symposium, March 2023). Aside from giving me the chance to present my research, the program also helped me achieve a new level of confidence and professional growth unlike before. The comments and suggestions provided by the judges and the guests provided insights into the things I need to work on to become a better researcher. 

The entire event still feels like a dream. Being awarded the first prize of the program not only makes me happy but also makes me value all the hardships that I went through in the lab with my mentor (Dr. Xiaolei Gao) and my colleague (Abbas Wafa). It was the right push that we needed.

I thank you once again for all the amazing opportunities you provide to the students in New Jersey. It impacts the lives of a lot of students like myself tremendously.


Samuel Annan
Caldwell University

Every donor to the Independent Colleges and Universities of New Jersey appreciates Franklin’s wisdom in recognizing knowledge as an investment that pays the greatest return. Donors connect with ICUNJ for many reasons that extend beyond philanthropic goals. Corporations and businesses rely on the knowledge, skills, and capacity to learn acquired while earning a college degree to replenish and develop the talent pipeline of the future. For some supporters it is about sustainability of an industry critical to our communities. For other donors, it is the elevation of industry standards to safeguard our health and wellbeing. For all, there is a benefit in promoting the strong critical thinking skills developed during college classroom and learning experiences, fostering effective communications that transcend real and imposed boundaries, and encouraging creativity and innovative approaches to everyday challenges. A college degree has a value that lasts a lifetime.

Donor programs are tailored to meet the interests of the sponsor. Contact us to find out how you can make an investment that contributes to degree success.