Presidents’ Annual Networking Reception

Jun 9, 2023

The Gardens of Hennessy Hall at Fairleigh Dickinson University’s Florham Campus 
Offered a Spectacular Setting for June 13th Networking Event

The second annual Networking Reception held on Tuesday, June 13th, promoted the engagement of New Jersey industries, government and academia. Hosted by the Independent Colleges and Universities of New Jersey (ICUNJ) and the Presidents of New Jersey’s independent colleges, the reception provided participants with an opportunity to interact with decision-makers from across campus business areas and from multiple institutions. 

The historic Hennessy Hall served as the backdrop for encouraging new synergies to promote the talent pipeline that fuels New Jersey industry and brings innovation and growth to the State. ICUNJ kept the program short focusing on the impact of student choice and support to create success. President Avaltroni, President, Fairleigh Dickinson University, welcomed guests to Florham Campus. He shared a vision of success that included stronger collaborations across academics, experiential learning and career preparedness.

Keeping students the focus, ICUNJ had two students with different backgrounds but similar interests shared a view of their college experiences. Jenna Booth, ’23, Stevens Institute of Technology, astounded guests with her COVID related research but noted that she struggled with seeing herself identified as a researcher. Ms. Booth credited her recent experience at the ICUNJ Undergraduate Research Symposium for helping her see that she is not an imposter but a talented, knowledgeable recent graduate who has something valuable to offer the world. Fairleigh Dickinson University student, Shytail Clay, ’23, spoke to how his independent higher education changed his view of the world and helped him grow in knowledge, skills and confidence, thanks to the supportive environment he enjoyed during his college experience. Theirs are the success stories we want for all students who attend a private college in New Jersey.

Strolling the gardens on a late Spring evening, guests experienced the collegiate atmosphere that draws students to one of New Jersey’s independent colleges. Conversation focused on business and ways that we can work together to bring workplace opportunities to students thus bridging talent pipeline gaps, reducing onboarding expenses, and making industry contributions prior to graduation. With the talent pipeline, a focus of efforts moving forward, ICUNJ appreciated the participation of past supporters, new partners, and potential contributors.


Presenting: Aramark

Lead: Gibbons, Pfizer, PNC

Program: Holt Construction, Johnson Controls, Sordoni

Collaborating: Pennoni, Saul Ewing, Torcon, TD Bank

Supporting: Bank of America, CohnReznick, NK Architects, Spiezle




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