Scholarships & Mentorships

1 to 13: Benefits Thousands of Students

One gift across 13 independent universities impacts thousands of students interacting with scholars and researchers in the classroom, lab,  community and home. The number 13 is actually a very lucky number. In fact, in India, the 13th day of the lunar fortnight is known to be highly auspicious and number 13 is said to bestow long life, peace and good fortune. Our supporters make giving to 13 a way to empower students to realize their goals.

Supporting ICUNJ and its 13 member institutions is one of the best ways to achieve maximum impact on New Jersey higher education, to create an educated population that will be an asset to the state’s growing economy. The power of your gift ripples exponentially across all 13 campuses to impact tens of thousands of students — making the whole greater than the sum of its parts.

There are many examples of how business leaders working with ICUNJ and our member institutions to fund scholarships that support disciplines of particular interest to an industry. BD and Novartis are notable partners. Both fund scholarships to support the advancement of healthcare by promoting nursing, research, and mentorships. BD additionally supports the Undergraduate Research Symposium at which student present research findings to a series of judges to receive constructive feedback on methodology, implications, presentation and communication skills. Their support extends beyond the dollars to experiential learning helping students grow in readiness for careers. Another partner. Johnson & Johnson’s contribution to healthcare is evidenced in their multi-year  support for students pursuing careers in nursing to enhance the patient experience and quality of care.

But not all ICUNJ partners are major multi-national corporations. An ICFNJ trustee and small business owner put it this way: “ICUNJ’s openness to exploring new opportunities will uncover many more ways in which businesses and higher education can work together to benefit students, business, higher education and society.”

ICFNJ’s corporate sponsors share the understanding that investing in the state’s students is critical to New Jersey’s economy. Through their investment, our donors reap an important future benefit: a stronger workforce.

1 to 1: Mentorships Generate Direct Rewards

Companies can channel their giving to programs that develop the human capital vital for a particular industry. It is a way to build a strong talent pipeline individual.

But  it’s not just about the pocketbook. There are ways to work one-on-one in direct mentorship with students.

Judges at the annual Undergraduate Research Symposium (URS) hosted by the ICUNJ bear first-hand witness to the scholars in our member institutions. As one recent judge said, “I felt as though I was interacting with the Albert Einsteins of the 21st Century.” In turn, industry leaders share their stories with participants, offering direct testimony and inspiration. The direct interactions demonstrate to students the value of their investment of time and resources as seen by the rest of the world.