Undergraduate Research Symposium

Showcases New Jersey’s Best and Brightest Minds

Since it was established in 2012, the annual ICFNJ Undergraduate Research Symposium has given students at the Independent College Fund’s 14 member institutions the opportunity to conduct in-depth research on a wide variety of scientific topics.

The symposium challenges students at New Jersey’s independent colleges and universities to explore science and technology through hands-on, inquiry-based learning. Working closely with leading faculty on their campuses, students test innovative concepts, prepare poster presentations and defend their results to judges. The program was initiated as a way to deepen the engagement of students on campuses in STEM careers.

The students’ work is showcased at a forum held at the Liberty Science Center, where students have the unique opportunity to network with judges from New Jersey industry. “I felt as though I was interacting with the Albert Einsteins of the 21st century,” said one judge.

In addition, high school students attend the event to learn about research and serve as evaluators. Early involvement at the high school level helps to feed the talent pipeline and encourages promising students to consider in-state college options.


2019 Undergraduate Research Symposium

2019 Undergraduate Research Symposium

The best and brightest minds are right here in New Jersey — and ICFNJ’s Undergraduate Research Symposium showcases their work.  The tremendous academic potential on the campuses of New Jersey’s independent colleges and universities can be summarized in the...

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