From the Desk of the President

For over 65 years, the Independent Colleges and Universities for New Jersey has built upon its founding principles of creating partnerships to support the State’s private colleges and universities, to advance institutional excellence, and to enhance the public understanding of the value of private higher education for industry and community.  In these uncertain and difficult times, our role in driving these principles has never been more important. We have been working diligently with our membership and with government officials to ensure that the needs of both our students and our institutions are addressed and met. Through the strength of our committed board, the Independent Colleges and Universities for New Jersey is a vital organization securing support for university funding, scholarships, experiential learning and innovative programs, and providing a timely focus on initiatives that fuel the talent pipeline of New Jersey.

For the more than 64,000 students enrolled at one of our 14 institutions, independent higher education creates pathways for them to realize opportunities and success. Our students have demonstrated they are ready to define their own paths by choosing an independent college that provides the right academic program, learning experience, and cultural environment for them to succeed on their own terms. It is important for New Jersey independent colleges and universities to remain viable options of choice for New Jersey students. 

 While our students are highly diverse, each share the dream of making their own way and stretching the boundaries to create a better life. In pursuing their dreams, our students are preparing to change the world.  We recognize that the success of our students along with that of our colleges and universities, play a vital role in the recovery effort for a strong New Jersey economy.

 We join with our students in their excitement about the future and their chance to contribute to something bigger than one’s self. This vision drives our passion to ensure that the unique opportunities found on our campuses are affordable and accessible to anyone ready to discover their way in the world. Our partners and supporters have joined the journey because they recognize that empowering students to realize their dreams yields a return that lasts a lifetime.

 We encourage everyone to support independent higher education because more college graduates is everybody’s business.

Louis T. Manzione, PhD


Association of Independent Colleges and Universities in New Jersey

Independent College Fund of New Jersey