Restart Toolkit Series

Assisting Higher Education With its Restart Plans

The Independent Colleges and Universities for New Jersey is developing a toolkit to assist its member institutions with their restart plans.  The expertise, resources and innovative solutions offered by our member businesses address this complex endeavor and will be shared through a series of informational sessions and resource launches.

The Office of the Secretary of Higher Education (OSHE) has issued standards for institutions of higher education as they begin restarting campus operations impacted by the COVID-19 pandemic. The standards align with the stages of New Jersey’s phased “The Road Back: Restoring Economic Health Through Public Health” plan and provide a framework of critical standards.  Guidance for consideration when formulating plans, and examples of safeguarding practices are outlined in 10 key on-campus functional areas:

    • Instruction
    • Residential housing
    • Computer laboratories
    • Libraries
    • Research
    • Student services
    • Transportation
    • Dining
    • International travel
    • Athletics

The first event in our Restart Toolkit Series was a webinar sponsored by Pennoni,  a multidisciplinary consulting engineering firm, and Kognition, a leading expert in Artificial Intelligence screening and fever detection. The webinar,  entitled, Reopening Campuses: Controlling COVID Spread Through Innovation discussed options for industrial cleaning and AI screening and fever detection as they pertain to college reopening amid the COVID-19 pandemic.  Attendees agree that it was both informative and relevant as decisions are currently being made regarding  the reopening of our colleges and universities.  If you missed it, or simply wish to review what was discussed, the presentation is available for your perusal.  To connect with Pennoni directly, please call 855.754.3595; and to connect with Kognition directly, please call 484.690.4698.

The second event in our Restart Toolkit Series was a webinar sponsored by Langan Engineering, entitled, Leveraging Digital Solutions for Facility and Venue Operations. Experts from Langan discussed ways in which colleges and universities could leverage digital solutions for facility and venue operations in a COVID-19 world.  The webinar was informative and highlighted some very innovative technology that could be used on campus (such as wearable devices similar to those used at Disney World or by the NBA this season).  A storyboard of presentation is available for those who were unable to attend the webinar or who would like a recap of what was covered. To connect with Langan Engineering directly, please contact Brett Millburn, Director of Applied Technologies at

The third event in our Restart Toolkit Series was a webinar sponsored by Kimmel Brogrette Architecture + Site. This webinar discussed planning and design options for a healthy and safe return to campus.  This informative webinar also featured useful restart information from representatives from Trane and Sanders Filters as well.

The fourth event in our Restart Toolkit series was a webinar sponsored by Trane Technologies. This webinar discussed ways to prepare university facilities to operate under new conditions and meet industry recommendations and guidelines. It discussed options for developing a high quality plan to ensure that campuses are making the best decisions now and in the future. Special guest, Dr. Paula Love, the “Funding Doctor”, also shared her insights on funding options specifically for NJ higher education.  The webinar recording and slides are available for those who missed it.

The fifth event in our Restart Toolkit Series was a webinar sponsored by Donnelly Construction and Facilities Solutions Group. The event discussed in detail the process and necessity of disinfecting College and University facilities with UV and Ionization. It also covered the utilization of UV and Needle Point Bi-Polar Ionization as a means to disinfect air and surfaces in colleges and universities.

The sixth and final webinar in our Restart Toolkit Series was sponsored by the Boston Consulting Group. This event  discussed maximizing student experience and behavioral compliance while reopening in a pandemicThis webinar/discussion engaged university presidents and senior administrators responsible for academics, retention, compliance, and recruitment.  In the event you were unable to attend, we’ve made the slides available for your convenience.

Restart Toolkit Series Calendar:

07-09-2020 at 2:00PM: Pennoni Kognition Webinar (Industrial Cleaning & AI Screening/Fever Detection)

07-16-2020 at 2:00PM: Langan Webinar  (Digital Solutions for Facility Operations)

07-23-2020 at 2:00PM: Kimmel Bogrette Webinar (Planning and Design for a Healthy and Safe Return to Campus)

08-06-2020 at 10:00AM: Trane Technologies (Back to Campus: Indoor Air Quality and Getting Your Campus Ready)

08-13-2020 at 10:00AM: Donnelly Construction and Facilities Solutions Group (Disinfecting your school with UV and Ionization)

08-20-2020 at -09:00AM: Boston Consulting Group Webinar (How to maximize student experience and behavioral compliance within COVID health guidelines)


Please email MaryAlice Breuninger at for more information.