Applications Being Accepted for ICUNJ Undergraduate Research Symposium

Sep 7, 2023

The educational and professional development of students in STEM majors to support the science, technology, engineering and math talent pipeline is a primary goal of the ICUNJ Undergraduate Research Symposium.  As part of the research process, students will develop a budget, plan and executive an independent research project, evaluate results and draw conclusions to share through a poster presentation. Each research opportunity promotes collaboration, enhances communications skills, and offers access to peer networks and engagement with industry professionals — factors identified as positive contributors to student retention in STEM majors. Applications are accepted from undergraduate participants seeking new research opportunities that connect classroom learning to real world applications.

Complimentary to the individual student research experience is the benefit to classroom participation.  With new insights and skills sets, classroom discussions are elevated, the transfer of technical knowledge is reinforced and enthusiasm is generated among peers that increases interest for STEM majors in other students.

By expanding access to quality STEM learning opportunities, we are helping students see STEM disciplines as catalysts for their careers.  “All young people should be prepared to think well so that they have the chance to become the innovators, educators, researchers, and leaders who can solve the most pressing challenges facing our nation and world, both today and tomorrow.”


Students from ICUNJ’s 13 member colleges and universities are eligible to apply to participate in the Symposium.  Priority is given to students in STEM majors, but any student may submit an application for consideration.

By applying, students agree to conduct their outlined research over the course of several months – often spanning two semesters, submit an interim progress report between semesters, prepare a single page abstract for publication in the ICUNJ Undergraduate Symposium Program Book.  Application submission also confirms the student will participate in the one-day symposium offered in late March or early April.  Students should include transportation expenses in the project budget. Acknowledgement of these criteria is confirmed by the student, supervising faculty and academic dean signing of the application forms.  (Failure to comply with any one of these elements will result in the need to reimbursement some or all of the grant funds to ICUNJ.)

Successful candidates will receive up to $1,000 to offset research expenses including research stipends.  Funding for the Symposium is provided by corporate and foundation partners who share in  our commitment to increase the number of students who enroll in their member institutions to pursue STEM disciplines and to raise the retention rate of students enrolled in STEM programs.  As available, poster presentation spots may be offered to applicants who are scholarship recipients and to applicants who did not receive funding.  Invitations are made at the discretion of the URS selection committee.  These spots are limited.

Participants in the ICUNJ Undergraduate Research Symposium have an opportunity to interact with industry professionals, member institution faculty, and business professionals in a judged competition designed to build workforce skills.  The results of the judging are compiled and provided to students to help identify areas for improvement prior to interviewing for job or advanced degree opportunities. ICUNJ staff are available to discuss feedback and establish a professional development plan.


ICUNJ will provide up to 26 awards (a maximum of $1,000 per project) according to the Participant Guidelines.  Participation in the Undergraduate Research Symposium is based on a competitive application process open only to New Jersey independent college students as outlined in the eligibility criteria.  The actual number of awards will depend on the quantity and quality of applications received.

ICUNJ may opt to limit the total number of participants in any given year based on facility limitations to allow the best experiences for all participants. ICUNJ also reserves the right to conduct the event virtually  or as a socially distanced in-person event should safe distancing guidelines continue to be in place.


Click here to review the application guidelines and to access the 2023-24 application. (Please note there are multiple forms within the application packet).  To allow students an opportunity to conduct research through the fall semester and winter break, ICUNJ has established an application deadline of September 30, 2023.  Additional applications will not be accepted after that date. Please note the full timetable for participants.



Students should feel free to reach out with any questions. Please call 609-218-5026, ext. 207 or email




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