Independent College President Inaugurations Deliver Vision and Promise

Oct 23, 2023

The inauguration of a college president is a unique time in the life of a higher education institution. The history held within sacred halls and rooted in honored traditions are met with a vision for the future. The institutional strengths serve as the foundation upon which a new president builds. Each independent college offers a distinctive experience for its students. Each president draw upon their own unique talents, skills and experiences to lead colleges constituents into a dynamic, innovative and promising new world. New Jersey’s independent college and university presidents share a desire to offer their students quality opportunities for meaningful learning, growth and discovery at their institutions and a commitment to demonstrate by example the value of earning a college degree on career choice, economic mobility and personal success.

The Independent Colleges and Universities of New Jersey join students, faculty, administrations, alumni and supporters in embracing the recently inaugurated private college presidents.

Dale G. Caldwell, MBA, EdD

Centenary University, October 21, 2023

Ashley Marie Caldwell shared the excitement and enthusiasm demonstrated by her father since becoming the President of Centenary University as part of her keynote address. Her introductory comments were followed by Dr. Caldwell sharing his optimism amidst the hard truths facing higher education. In outlining his commitment for students, he spoke to the emotional resilience, intellectual curiosity and intercultural competency that become part of the fabric of graduates of Centenary University. Dr. Caldwell went on to provide insights into the areas which will garner his focus: making the case for college in a time when there has been a question about degree value; securing sufficient funds for Centenary students to earn a degree; and promoting Centenary University as a resource for students, the community and beyond. Please follow this link to access inauguration highlights.

Michael J. Avaltroni, PhD

Fairleigh Dickinson University, September 27, 2023

As the first alumni to serve as President of Fairleigh Dickinson University, Dr. Avaltroni, brings a special connection to the institution and an appreciation for the impact of earning a degree from FDU. In his address, he spoke of the efforts that must be invested to create a stronger and more sustainable path for FDU and how that process will be completed in collaboration with all the college’s constituents. His enthusiasm and determination were present in his comments outlining a future that embraces the personal, transformational, and global qualities of a FDU college experience; thus creating more than a campaign slogan but rather a living mantra. A champion of independent higher education, Dr. Avaltroni is prepared to make the case for students seeking a degree. Please follow this link to access Dr. Avaltroni’s installation address.

(Photo: Roy Groething)




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