Corporate Partners

Engage with private higher education and partner business leaders

Corporate Affiliate Programs

  • Demonstrate support for New Jersey’s independent higher education by providing funding to ICFNJ, introducing solution driven resources to ICFNJ members and sharing a presence in the State.
  • Engage with private higher education and partner business leaders


Engage with academic and business leaders associated with the independent colleges and universities of New Jersey including its 60-member Board of Trustees representing regional, state and national entities.

Attend member only events and build new networking opportunities.

Access talent pool ready to engage in experiential learning beyond the classroom: apprenticeship and internships. Utilize an opportunity to engage new talent in your business and evaluate candidates for job placement.

Promote employment opportunities to recent degree recipients and prepared job candi-dates.

Influence academic programs to improve alignment with workforce needs and bridge the gap between college degree and successful job placement.

Gain brand recognition through print and social media postings by ICFNJ. Work with us to share your unique message detailing how you serve the independent colleges and universities in New Jersey.


  • To inquire about joining CAP please contact for details about the application process, current opportunities to engage with member institutions, and other areas of interest.
  • Annual registration fee is based on organizational income/number of employees. Fees range from $500 to $1,500.